History of Good Shepherd


Good Shepherd Lutheran began as a mission start by Our Savior Lutheran, Crestview. The first service (attendance 17) - the first Lutheran service in the Fort Walton Beach area - was held on May 29, 1955 with Reverend William P. Kniffel presiding. Five months later, in October of 1955, the first Lutheran Sunday School (attendance 19) started in Fort Walton Beach. 

Stained Glass Windows


The stained glass windows in our sanctuary (built in 1986) portray our Lord as the Good Shepherd. Each window has a separate theme based on scripture passages describing the love Jesus has for His sheep.

The themes and ideas for each window were originally developed by Richard Ziehr, our pastor. Cecil Casebier of San Antonio, Texas, and artist with an international reputation in stained glass, was commissioned to do the design. The windows were crafted by Statesville Glass of Statesville, North Carolina using European antique glass.

The windows on the left side (as you face the altar) are generally based on the Old Testament and those on the right side on the New Testament. Since the art work is abstract and symbolic, the following guide is offered to help you appreciate the message of our windows.


Christmas Tree Chrismons   Our Christmas Trees have decorations called Chrismons (CHRIST = MONogram) that that proclaim our Lord Jesus Christ through the use of symbols.  The Chrismons Tree originated at Lutheran Church of the Ascension in Danville, VA in 1957. They hold the copyright on the word "chrismons".

Northwest Daily News: Pastor Ray


Northwest Florida Daily News

Pastor Ray Angerman explains how to watch the Sunday service.

Carry Out His Mission


Carry Out His Mission Dec 1995, Bea Daily

Financial campaign for the Family Life Building.

The TV Ad


The TV Commercial Good Shepherd ran in Jan/Feb 2007 as part of an advertising campaign.

ProMilitary Network Ad


ProMilitary Network Online Advertisement Campaign 2011

Apostle's Creed - Youth Group


Filming this video was the conclusion to our unit concerning the Apostle's Creed. The creed and explanation are taken from Luther's Small Catechism. The people in the video are from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Shalimar FL.



The Reformation commemorates the rescue of the Gospel (Faith alone, Grace alone, Christ alone) from a corrupt medieval church. The catalyst for the reformation was the Oct 31, 1517 posting on the door of the Wittenberg Church a disputation protesting clerical abuses and the sale of forgiveness.

Act 1 - John Tetzel selling indulgences
Act 2 - Martin Luther posts his 95 Theses
Act 3 - Diet of Worms

Easter Marionettes

9:30 AM

Marionettes tell Matthew's Easter story. Jesus tells His friends what He must endure to save us all. He is betrayed and handed over to his enemies. He is tortured and killed. His bewildered friends are trying to understand what it all means and then His tomb is found empty on Easter Morning.