Lifetree Cafe

June 19


Forty percent of American children will sleep tonight in a home where their fathers don’t live. Discuss the impact of this during “FatherLess” at Lifetree Café - Shalimar.

June 26

Money, Money, Money

How would winning the lottery change your life? Share your thoughts during “Money, Money, Money” at Lifetree Café - Shalimar.

July 3

She was attacked in her home by someone she thought she could trust. What would she say to him years later when they meet face to face? Find out during “After the Attack” this week at Lifetree Café - Shalimar.

July 10

In the News
Join us for an hour of conversation dedicated an issue that is in the news.

July 17

Simplify Your Life

He left a Hollywood mansion and moved into a trailer park. Find out why during “Simplify Your Life” next week at Lifetree Café -Shalimar.

July 24

Wounded Warriors

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder nearly cost this military vet his friends, his marriage, and his very life. Hear how he learned to cope during “Wounded Warriors” next week at Lifetree Café -Shalimar.

July 31

What's up to God?

You’ve heard it said that God works in mysterious ways. We’ve got an incredible, true story to support that statement. Don’t miss “What’s God Up To?” next week at Lifetree Café -Shalimar.