Meeting Minutes

April 2019 Council Meeting Minutes

New Business
A. Voter's Assembly meeting. The meeting will be scheduled for June 30th.

B. Good Shepherd at Parker-Callaway. Pastor Ray informed the Council that Good Shepherd requested funds for steeple repairs, and he proposed allocating $3,000-$5,000 to Parker-Callaway for rebuilding their church steeple because it is not covered by insurance. Hope Lutheran sent $11,000 (or $12,000) toward building repairs. Parker-Callaway needs $20,000 for all their repairs. Hope and Grace Destin are emptying out their hurricane funds. Grace Destin had $9,000 remaining that they sent to Parker-Callaway. Our hurricane fund has approximately $15,000 remaining. There was some discussion about supporting Mexico Beach and Stephanie Lawson's project in the future. Ms Haney requested the hurricane committee meet to discuss future expenditures. FLM Curtis made a motion to give $4,000 to Parker-Callaway. Mr Darrell Bittle seconded the motion. The motion passed with a majority vote.

C. ACTION ITEM for Council Members. VP Lienemann handed-out descriptions of each Board's guidelines for all to review and edit. Ms Connie Haney will compile the inputs.

March 2019 Council Meeting Minutes

A. Council President. Ms Jean Grieve made a motion to accept Mr Garry Haase’s appointment as Council President, and to obtain the congregation’s approval at the Voter’s Assembly meeting in June. Mr Darrell Bittle seconded the motion, and the motion was passed.

B. New Church Secretary. Ms Debbie Kerstein retired as our church secretary after 15 years, and Pastor Ray and staff celebrated her retirement at Mary’s Kitchen. She trained Susanna Lynn as the new secretary. Ms Lynn will be playing at the International Festival at conference center this weekend.

C. Review of guidelines. The last update to the Council’s Board guidelines was in 2012. Susanna Lynn’s job description is one area that needs to be updated, so FLM Curtis recommended all the board position descriptions be reviewed and edited (37 pages).

D. ACTION ITEM for Council Members. Prior to the next meeting, edit your Board’s description and bring with you to the next meeting for the Council’s review and approval.