Meeting Minutes

November 2019 Council Minutes


a. The bank requested written confirmation that Pastor Ray is authorized use of the church debit card for health care reimbursement. See postscript note 2.
b. Christmas trees and Chrismons. Ms Grieve made a suggestion to use an artificial tree due to our congregation’s aging members and the difficulty of bucketing/ erecting live trees. Ms Russell suggested setting aside money in the dedicated budget so the church can hire a company to install the trees, if needed. Ms Grieve mentioned the Chrismons need to be replaced due to their age (~40 years old) and poor condition. VP Lienemann extemporaneously located wooden Chrismons available on Etsy for $67.00. FLM Curtis suggested conducting a workshop to make new Chrismons but that would require budgeting for this activity next year. There are books available that describe how to make Chrismons. There were suggestions about holding a workshop with congregational members, church youth or D48 groups. President Haase asked FLM Curtis to put some thought into how to approach replacing the Chrismons.

October 2019 Council Minutes



Community Thanksgiving Dinner. Pastor Ray reported he has volunteers to purchase food and prepare a Thanksgiving dinner. The Staton’s and the Shaw’s both offered to support it. All the food would be donated specifically for this event, and not affect the Human Care Board’s budget. Advertising was a concern. There was a recommendation to table the idea until next year when someone could lead the effort. Ms Laurie Bartlett suggested requiring a business plan for this project. Pastor Ray suggested the congregation adopt members for Thanksgiving who otherwise wouldn’t have a holiday dinner.

October 2019 Meeting Attachements


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September 2019 Council Minutes Draft

New Business

A. Undedicated accounts consolidation/clean-up. The business manager made a recommendation to move several accounts into the organ fund. FLM Curtis advocated using money from the dedicated accounts (vice the Lutheran Church Extension Fund) because the dedicated accounts are not earning interest. The extension fund balance was $15,506 before recent donations to the organ fund. After much discussion, there remained too many unknowns about each line item for the Council to make decisions about dissolving some of the undedicated accounts, so the topic was tabled until next month.

B. Office Move. Pastor Ray requested to use money from the Thrivent account for moving the office because it’s an unbudgeted expense. Mr Bittle suggested there are alternate sources for funding, too.

August 2019 Council Minutes Draft


A. DVDs to POBLO. Pastor Ray solicited financial help to ship 1,000 ”The Life of Jesus” DVDs to POBLO. Ms Dianna Fallon volunteered to pay for the shipping.

B. Budget Build. The Voter’s Assembly meeting is tentatively scheduled for November 24th. The draft budget needs to be available by the September council meeting so it can be finalized at the October meeting.

C. Board Chair vacancies. Outreach, Education, and Stewardship. Mr Brannon Tolbert and Ms Katie Tolbert resigned their Board Chairmanship positions and transferred to a new church.

D. The Hurricane Committee met to review the prioritized list of Living Waters members who need major repairs to get back into their damaged homes. The first priority is the McLeer family who has an autistic daughter. The Hurricane Committee formally requested that all future requests for hurricane-related funding come through the committee. Ms Ann Lienemann made a motion that the remainder of the hurricane relief money ($11,954) be turned over to the hurricane committee to spend on specific projects selected by the committee members in support of Living Waters housing recovery, with emphasis on the McLeer family. Ms Jean Grieve seconded the motion. The motion carried by a unanimous vote.

July 2019 Council Minutes Draft

New Business.

Mid-year Contribution Statements. There was a proposal submitted to the council by Ms Flo Hoffman to forego automatically mailing mid-year contribution statements to congregation members. The statement will be made available to members by contacting the church office. No council members objected to implementing the proposal.

June 2019 Council Minutes

New Business.

Fund raiser for the organ fund. Another payment of $25K is due at the end of July. The music company will hold the organ until we raise the last payment of $20,000. Pastor Ray suggested conducting a rummage sale to raise the money. Ms Diana Fallon confirmed LWML is not holding a rummage sale this year.

May 2019 Council Minutes

New Business

A. Church bulletins. FLM Curtis has been working with the church secretary to improve the weekly bulletins. The current process to create bulletins each week is adhoc and inefficient. To improve the process, FLM Curtis and Susanna Lynn are developing templates for early and late service bulletins. There is a LSB application that can be used to create the bulletin. FLM Curtis developed a checklist for reviewing the bulletins. The checklist will be used to train all members of the office staff to assist with developing bulletins. See the written report from FLM Curtis for additional information.

B. Prayer chain. FLM Curtis visited Georgia Chandler and prayed with her in the nursing home. Pastor Brinkley will also check on her.

C. Voter's Assembly meeting. The meeting will be scheduled for June 30
th. The purpose of this meeting is to hold a financial review, and to formally vote on Mr Haase as Council President. Ms Grieve volunteered to assist the financial review board, and she will also have the previous meeting minutes available two weeks prior to the Voter's Assembly meeting.

April 2019 Council Minutes

New Business
A. Voter's Assembly meeting. The meeting will be scheduled for June 30th.

B. Good Shepherd at Parker-Callaway. Pastor Ray informed the Council that Good Shepherd requested funds for steeple repairs, and he proposed allocating $3,000-$5,000 to Parker-Callaway for rebuilding their church steeple because it is not covered by insurance. Hope Lutheran sent $11,000 (or $12,000) toward building repairs. Parker-Callaway needs $20,000 for all their repairs. Hope and Grace Destin are emptying out their hurricane funds. Grace Destin had $9,000 remaining that they sent to Parker-Callaway. Our hurricane fund has approximately $15,000 remaining. There was some discussion about supporting Mexico Beach and Stephanie Lawson's project in the future. Ms Haney requested the hurricane committee meet to discuss future expenditures. FLM Curtis made a motion to give $4,000 to Parker-Callaway. Mr Darrell Bittle seconded the motion. The motion passed with a majority vote.

C. ACTION ITEM for Council Members. VP Lienemann handed-out descriptions of each Board's guidelines for all to review and edit. Ms Connie Haney will compile the inputs.

March 2019 Council Minutes

A. Council President. Ms Jean Grieve made a motion to accept Mr Garry Haase’s appointment as Council President, and to obtain the congregation’s approval at the Voter’s Assembly meeting in June. Mr Darrell Bittle seconded the motion, and the motion was passed.

B. New Church Secretary. Ms Debbie Kerstein retired as our church secretary after 15 years, and Pastor Ray and staff celebrated her retirement at Mary’s Kitchen. She trained Susanna Lynn as the new secretary. Ms Lynn will be playing at the International Festival at conference center this weekend.

C. Review of guidelines. The last update to the Council’s Board guidelines was in 2012. Susanna Lynn’s job description is one area that needs to be updated, so FLM Curtis recommended all the board position descriptions be reviewed and edited (37 pages).

D. ACTION ITEM for Council Members. Prior to the next meeting, edit your Board’s description and bring with you to the next meeting for the Council’s review and approval.